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International Women’s Day 2019

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Every year my bandmates and I are taking a stand for Women’s rights’ equality, respect and justice. We do not believe in crushing one side to elevate the other, but are firm believers in elevating each other with the love and respect we decide to pour out in all circumstances. Men elevating women, women elevating men, women elevating women, humans elevating humans. If only we would elevate each other then we would see a real balance between Men and Women!

But our eyes are blinded… by fear, jealousy, shame, anger, bitterness, laziness and apathy. All of these, well-rooted in our minds and emotions are turning our eyes to our own self and, as we become more and more self-centered, every possible way to rise above anyone else becomes reasonable, or at least, to not be impacted by anyone else’s pain becomes vital.

I have listened to a woman describing how she had been left for dead by an abusive husband. I have cried with a mother that had been hurting her baby son because of mental illness. I have spoken with a young single father who felt helpless because his government wouldn’t give identity papers to his baby girl. And still, sometimes, I know I am blind to the injustice that is happening around me, the injustice I let live in me.

As I am celebrating International Women’s Day, I want to declare that equality is in our hands, Women and Men, together, and that I take off the blindfold of apathy to be able to see what I can do, what I can be, promote and live equality. #BalanceForBetter


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“We are just people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I’d thought.”

On this Human Rights Day, we’re thankful for this communion we share with all of you every day of our life’s journey. Discover the stories behind those pictures in a new Instagram Stories series on the band’s profile!

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This is how this t-shirt was born

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Instead of cornering something, of denouncing something, we wanted to gather and celebrate something. Nowadays, everybody’s against something. But we wanted to rally everyone for one same reason. This is how this t-shirt was born.
– Jeff, about the t-shirt “One Goal”

Congrats on Your Canadian Citizenship, Mrs. Badawi! 🇨🇦

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Ensaf and her 3 children, Dodi, Meryam & Najwa were awarded Canadian citizenship on July 1! 👏

And today, we want to ask you a favor, for Ensaf, and for her children. Three years after our first encounter with Ensaf, the fight is still going on, and Raif is still unjustly imprisoned. It has been 6 years now. One day would have been too much, and we are at a loss for words to describe such abomination. Ensaf, Dodi, Meryam & Najwa are still fighting every day to get Raif out and with them in Canada.

Let them know that they are not alone, that you support them, that you stand with them in such a dark time.

Send Ensaf & her children a letter

One Goal

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The band members being both fierce advocates for human rights and crazy sports fans, they wanted to add a little something of their own for the World Cup, as the attention of the whole planet is presently focused on one of the most amazing sport tournaments there is. It’s the perfect opportunity to mark changes in the sport culture, in our communities, in a world always looking for greater emotions. Let’s do it all together, one goal at a time.

The t-shirt is available in men, women and kids sizes. It comes with an exclusive clear sticker, available only in limited quantity.

Make a stand, get your t-shirt


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Miss Isabel invites us to take action, all together, by sending words of hope, love, support, to 100% Mamans Tanger, a Tangerine association that supports women who have been rejected by their families and society alike for being single mothers.

“I am with you”
These simple words mean so much when everyone around is trying to forget you exist.

Here in Tangier, a single mother doesn’t exist. She is forgotten, she lives on the street, her child has no identity so cannot go to school, doesn’t have access to medical care… 100% Mamans is a Tangerine association that decided to step out and support those women, to offer and ensure material & social needs, but also human and relational needs.

If, like I do, you consider that a woman who has a child out of marriage is still entitled to live, to be respected as a human being and that her child can envision a normal future, you can make a difference by taking a simple action: Send us a picture or a word that you’d like for me to share with the single mothers and their children here in Tangier. Your impact will be great, not only for the women and their children, but also for the people working fiercely to help them, providing education, shelter, legal advice. Let them know “I am with you. You are not alone.”

Send your letters by mail:
Association 100% Mamans
Hay Ennasr,
Rue 13, N°53 Tanger

Or send your letters by email:

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From a Stranger to a Friend

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It’s been a few months already that we’re living here in Tangier, Morocco. At first an unknown city, it slowly became home and a place that inspired us to connect like never before in the band, and to write a lot of new songs!

We even started a blog series called “From a Stranger to a Friend”, wishing to share with you all meaningful stories as well as inspiring encounters with the people who make Tangier such a unique place. I realized while looking back that what really brought all of those little stories to life is the curiosity towards differences, this child-at-heart spirit leading to discover who people are, what their dreams are, what music they listen to, what books they read and so on, and all of this without boundaries. The more days we spend on this earth, the harder it gets sometimes to simply keep this human curiosity, this openness and this desire to dig into the heart of not only a city but its people. It’s always a little strange at first, but in the end, it always brings me to realize how much, underneath, we’re all the same… and how much we need one another. 

On this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, I want to be curious and fearless regarding our differences, even though I don’t understand or even agree sometimes. But I’m sure bridges can be built upon one or two things rather than being burned! I even discovered a band called Tinariwen, a Grammy-Award winning group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali, which I’m actually listening to while writing those few lines! Love is not a destination, but a life-long journey towards endless discoveries of all kinds… As long as we keep walking, our eyes can be open… 

From Tangier, Morocco, your friend and brother,
– Jeff

International Women’s Day 2018

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Here in Tangier, Morocco, I met an incredible artist who is literally changing lives around her. The very first time she told me about her involvement with 100% Mamans, an organization defending castaway single mothers and their children, I felt compelled to be a part of it too… I asked Itaf to tell her vision about getting involved for human rights, for the rights of women here in Morocco, of how a simple action can make a whole world of difference. On this International Women’s Day, here are her words, powerful and so inspiring, an example of how we can all #PressForProgress.

– Miss Isabel


To Isabel

“How do you change what surrounds you?” did you ask me. You propelled me in a roundtrip inside and out, the others, myself… and the answer I found seemed vain.

And so I asked myself the question in a different way. What motivates me when I undertake something, anything, that involves others? To share a vision of a world that invites us to interact freely with our illusions, our joys, our fulfilling yet elusive utopias. For a moment, brief or eternal, dweller of our imagination. The world of creativity…

One day, we discover it in us, inside a memory where so many universes overlap one another, where dreams and reality are one. The circus and the kid in me… one of my most beautiful emotions… Shivers, joys, illusions, and dreams… In this ludic and enchanting microcosm… dream of a faraway place where everything has to be invented without any rules. The desire to share all those illusions is what built a part of my games and my fictions, in which I love losing myself the time of a joyous spasm. Then comes a movie, music, an image, a special someone… So many worlds to explore. To share these feelings and to invite others to wake theirs motivates my involvement.

Then comes a smile, faith in the power we have to offer ourselves a moment of intensity outside the sphere of what we know, the discovery of this unknown part of us where we can flee to give a reason to everything else.

– Itaf

From Tangier with Love

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“I am giving an art session for single mothers”, my friend said. I immediately knew I needed to be there.

“100% Maman” was born of a desire to protect and give a chance to women pregnant outside of marriage. If you are not married and you get pregnant what happens is very simple; you hide the growing belly as long as possible because as soon as your family discovers it, you are pretty sure they will kick you out of the house with nothing. If you are about to deliver your baby, the hospitals might not even look at you. If your baby survives, it will have no official name, so no access to school, to work, to healthcare… that baby doesn’t exist in the system and the mother is a shame.

In the sewing classes, cooking classes, jewelry making classes and art sessions, my eyes saw ladies of different ages, most of them were a little shy but very sweet, welcoming, and most of all doing everything they can to build a future and cast away the fear that is so obvious.

My session with them was very simple, we taught them to fold little paper boats. Their paper boats will become a part of a big sculpture that will be exposed here in Tangier in May. For an hour or so, their minds are away from the tremendous pressure they live to concentrate on one fold at a time.

To be a part… They just have been rejected, first by men who don’t want to take part in their lives and the life of their child, rejected with disdain from their moms, their dads, their brothers and sisters, crossed off from all possibilities to get a job, ejected out in the streets to beg for food or to really become prostitutes… and now, they are invited to be a part of a community that believes they can define their own path and believes they can offer something good to their kids.

I felt I could learn and be inspired by all these women, the ones that are teaming up to offer juridic services, sanitary services, shelter and education, and the women that are taking that decision to live another day against the stream. I am planning on going back to be with them and live something with them. I hope I can bring some joy, but I know I will receive a lesson of courage.

– Miss Isabel

Don’t hesitate to like their Facebook page and to support their actions!

From Tangier with Love: A meaningful talk with…

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My friend: “You know, I think a society, or a group of people, a family, even a couple, stops evolving and living when you stop talking about problems, issues and challenges. Naming real problems by their real names allows us to discuss about it all together, in order to find solutions, otherwise, we’re creating hopelessness, being the mother of all evil. We should never fear problems, but we should fear when no one wants to talk about real issues! Don’t get me wrong, I really love Tangier and Morocco, but it’s about time we sit down and talk about reality.”

Jeff: “It’s always easy to act as a victim, and to blame others, the system, life and even God for inequalities we often see and witness, not even seeking to understand why this is a reality for some and how we can shape this world differently.”

I have the privilege of enjoying breakfast almost every day with this amazing Moroccan friend of Alex, which I have the privilege of discovering more and more! This is a glimpse of an awesome conversation that lasted more than an hour. Very inspiring moment.

We would like to share more short stories with you based on moments lived with someone in the streets, or within a band conversation, around the table, in a coffee shop, etc. We will do so on a weekly basis and will call those posts “From Tangier With Love”! Being here is a real privilege for us all, and to share it with awesome people like you will simply make those little moments eternal..!

See you next week!

– Jeff