From a Stranger to a Friend

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It’s been a few months already that we’re living here in Tangier, Morocco. At first an unknown city, it slowly became home and a place that inspired us to connect like never before in the band, and to write a lot of new songs!

We even started a blog series called “From a Stranger to a Friend”, wishing to share with you all meaningful stories as well as inspiring encounters with the people who make Tangier such a unique place. I realized while looking back that what really brought all of those little stories to life is the curiosity towards differences, this child-at-heart spirit leading to discover who people are, what their dreams are, what music they listen to, what books they read and so on, and all of this without boundaries. The more days we spend on this earth, the harder it gets sometimes to simply keep this human curiosity, this openness and this desire to dig into the heart of not only a city but its people. It’s always a little strange at first, but in the end, it always brings me to realize how much, underneath, we’re all the same… and how much we need one another. 

On this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, I want to be curious and fearless regarding our differences, even though I don’t understand or even agree sometimes. But I’m sure bridges can be built upon one or two things rather than being burned! I even discovered a band called Tinariwen, a Grammy-Award winning group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali, which I’m actually listening to while writing those few lines! Love is not a destination, but a life-long journey towards endless discoveries of all kinds… As long as we keep walking, our eyes can be open… 

From Tangier, Morocco, your friend and brother,
– Jeff