From Tangier with Love: A meaningful talk with…

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My friend: “You know, I think a society, or a group of people, a family, even a couple, stops evolving and living when you stop talking about problems, issues and challenges. Naming real problems by their real names allows us to discuss about it all together, in order to find solutions, otherwise, we’re creating hopelessness, being the mother of all evil. We should never fear problems, but we should fear when no one wants to talk about real issues! Don’t get me wrong, I really love Tangier and Morocco, but it’s about time we sit down and talk about reality.”

Jeff: “It’s always easy to act as a victim, and to blame others, the system, life and even God for inequalities we often see and witness, not even seeking to understand why this is a reality for some and how we can shape this world differently.”

I have the privilege of enjoying breakfast almost every day with this amazing Moroccan friend of Alex, which I have the privilege of discovering more and more! This is a glimpse of an awesome conversation that lasted more than an hour. Very inspiring moment.

We would like to share more short stories with you based on moments lived with someone in the streets, or within a band conversation, around the table, in a coffee shop, etc. We will do so on a weekly basis and will call those posts “From Tangier With Love”! Being here is a real privilege for us all, and to share it with awesome people like you will simply make those little moments eternal..!

See you next week!

– Jeff