International Women’s Day 2016 – Jeff

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Today we’re celebrating the International Women’s Day which is kinda odd to me, still in 2016. I’ve been asked to write down something about a woman that I admire, or impacted me in some ways… But I’d rather use this day, and platform of mine, to invite us all, men and women, to simply do something about those sexe inequalities STILL ongoing all around the world. What’s wrong with us men? What are we afraid of that much? I think fear is the real word to put on these inequalities, nothing else… fear. Why women had to fight to vote, to be educated, to hide their faces in some countries, to go through genital mutilations in others? I know I might sound 10 years oldish “Hey daddy, why is this going on in the world?” kinda questions, but still, this is what’s happening around us, and this is only because of one thing; fear. 

I grew up weirdly until I discovered punk rock, where to me, everything made sense in life… where establishment of all kinds, whether it was to challenge the acceptance level of difference in high school, to my parents and their friends, the local authorities and so on… it all had to evolve according to me, using shocking methods as motto and motivations to get up in the morning! It’s with that same spirit that I’m here today, but with a greater purpose, since we, all together, have to, and can make a real difference in this world. Why not making of this 21st century the 1st in history where men and women lived as equal? I want to thank women like Rosa Parks today that stood up for what she believed in, which led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, I also want to thank Marie Curie for stating that nothing in life is to be feared, it’s only to be understood. I want to thank Emmeline Pankhurst working hand in hand with her husband to get rid of ignorance, leading women to vote, Audrey Hepburn for using her fame to become a UNICEF ambassador and seed hope for the ones in need. I could go on and on like this, since our world’s history wouldn’t be what it is like now, if it wasn’t for all these brave women, but what I really wanted to do also today, is to thank and honor you all, my precious female friends, sisters, for your guts and courage to go through everyday life facing those inequalities, facing the modern world pressure of what a woman “should” look like, should act like, should talk like and worst, should dream like…

I’ll end up with this, I think that equality and respect should be what really shines and what inspires each other to grow, to live and to dream as equal human beings. I want to walk with you all hand in hand, fearless, for future generations to read that we, together, ended those inequalities between men and women in our generation. You with me?

– Jeff

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