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Congrats on Your Canadian Citizenship, Mrs. Badawi! 🇨🇦

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Ensaf and her 3 children, Dodi, Meryam & Najwa were awarded Canadian citizenship on July 1! 👏

And today, we want to ask you a favor, for Ensaf, and for her children. Three years after our first encounter with Ensaf, the fight is still going on, and Raif is still unjustly imprisoned. It has been 6 years now. One day would have been too much, and we are at a loss for words to describe such abomination. Ensaf, Dodi, Meryam & Najwa are still fighting every day to get Raif out and with them in Canada.

Let them know that they are not alone, that you support them, that you stand with them in such a dark time.

Send Ensaf & her children a letter

The Hour of Truth

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“It requires courage to respect others’ views, to appreciate others’ beliefs and choices along with their right to believe them.” Those were the words that inspired me when I first read Raif Badawi’s blogs, which led him directly in jail, and his wife, Ensaf Haidar and their three kids Najwa, Dodi and Miriam, to move to Sherbrooke, a city near Drummondville, where our HQ church/studio is now established. This crazy but real story is what had Alex and I talking about getting our human rights organization, Rock N Rights, back on social medias!

It was so beautiful to see how you responded intensively and with so much passion and love in regards to the Badawi family! You sent so many letters written from your hands in your languages… We were all very stocked when we started receiving all of those! I’ve been really blessed and touched to have the privilege to give all of those letters you sent, in Ensaf’s hands, hoping this would encourage her to keep going, and to gather our entire world to fight for freedom of speech! She was really touched to see all those letters coming from all around the world, she was speechless and so thankful, no words could describe how she felt. I will forever remember that moment, so inspiring, so real and powerful… It gives me wings every time I hear about her!

Here’s an excerpt of the book she wrote where she shares that magical moment where we all met her in a way. Read it and share it, since this battle is far from being over, and we can see how impactful we can be when we simply decide to. Love you all so much my friends!!!!! – Jeff

Read the excerpt